Bottling Plastics Market Watch
Bottling Plastics Market Watch
Innovating to Reach Today’s Consumer

Publication date: February 2017
Format: PDF

At the start of your day, how many minutes pass before you use a plastic bottle or container? Is it the milk jug or juice container? Or shampoo and body wash? Fact is, in today’s home and workplace, plastic bottles and containers are omnipresent; and we are fortunate for plastic bottles and their many contributions to our modern society.

In our Plastic Bottles Today: Innovating to Reach Today’s Consumer, we offer those in the plastics industry and supply chain, as well as brands and other stakeholders, insight into the growth and usage of plastics for bottling and containers.

Get the most pertinent information you need about plastics in bottling, including:
• The status of bottle recycling capabilities and end-of-life management of the resource
• How RICs (Resin Identification Codes) are used and evolving for manufacturers
• Developing trends in the space that will impact the plastics sector in the future
• Which plastics are used for leading bottling applications
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