AR-106 Mold Finish Guide
AR-106 Mold Finish Guide
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Molded, ABS plastic plaque. Shows typical surface finishes to aid in communication with customers.
Includes: A-1 (Grade #3 Diamond Buff); A-2 (Grade #6 Diamond Buff); A-3 (Grade #15 Diamond Buff); B-1 (600 Grit Paper); B-2 (400 Grit Paper); B-3 (320 Grit Paper); C-1 (600 Stone); C-2 (400 Stone); C-3 (320 Stone); D-1 (Dry Blast Glass Bead #11); D-2 (Dry Blast #240 Oxide); D-3 (Dry Blast #240 Oxide) finishes. Dimensions: 8.5 x 11"


Correlation of these finishes to the pre-1988 Mold Finish Guide: "High Polish" Finishes
A-1 is comparable to #1;
A-2 is slightly finer than #2;
A-3 has more imperfections than #2 "Paper Finishes";
B-1 is slightly finer than #3;
B-2 is slightly finer than #3;
B-3 is comparable to #3 "Stone Finishes";
C-1 is finer than #4;
C-2 is slightly finer than #4;
C-3 is comparable to $3 "Dry Blasted" finishes;
D-1 is finer than #5;
D-2 is comparable to #5;
D-3 is a little more coarse than #5.
There are no current finishes that are comparable to the old #6 finish.

Suggested purchase with AQ102 Standards and Practices of Plastics Molders.
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